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Integrated pan optical 2*50W

Integrated pan optical 2*50W

Product characteristics

Shell using high pressure die-casting aluminum, stainless steel panel, toughened glass, durable, beautiful appearance:
Life for 30000 hours, effectively save the maintenance cost of
The use of a power LED chip, mercury and other harmful substances, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection:
Optical design with perfect high-quality acrylic lens, the light effect is more ideal

Product parameters

Model Power
Working voltage
Material Life Light output
Protection level
SFL-1-CN00301 3 2700 AC12 162*98*65 All aluminum lamp body + plastic 30000 >50 IP65
SFL-1-CN00501 5 3000/4000/6000 AC100-204 200*80*60 304 Stainless steel + toughened glass 30000 250 IP65



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