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China LED enterprises to "go out" to "get in

Incoming "export market to raise the threshold", "TBT", "LED337 investigate the phenomenon" and hinder LED export problems, so people have to re-examine a reality: LED export enterprises enjoy the cake, it is also constantly faced with the risk of trade friction. Although this issue is very important from the beginning, but now becomes an additional stake.
Implementation "along the way" strategy, China's LED industry "going out" an unprecedented situation. However, "companies go easily, went hard." An enterprise may be able to rely on the international sale of a chance to make a cost-effective. However, truly international, not just "go out" and to "go in" to achieve integration in local development.
In recent years, with the high-growth LED industry, enterprise strength has markedly increased, vision and more open, more companies began to look toward the international market, not only for Oversea investment, direct investment, mergers and acquisitions in the ascendant and provide international large-scale projects outside engineering contractor business has increased rapidly, "going out" the breadth and depth has reached a new level.
Throughout the global LED display market structure, North America and Europe has been the focus of domestic export enterprises market, with the saturation of the market and the difficulty of access to improved, more companies are targeting Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and other emerging markets . The gap is the potential for positive developments in these emerging countries to narrow the gap in the process of our mining business opportunities in the process.
For hard-edged Chinese LED enterprises, international road transnational business is not smooth, the unknown risk of the international market, vastly different market environment is not perfect related policies, to some extent, delayed the enterprises "going out" pace. Whether it is business Baotuan sea, targeting joint research market, or shares in a manner to cooperate with local enterprises. In the "along the way" in the process of "going out" the pace will only getting faster and faster, and efficiency back will be higher.
Chinese enterprises to go abroad to do the factory investment, not just the problem of the market, but also considering the political risks, religion, culture, history, trade unions and other political factors, so care must be cut. Quality and brand are LED enterprises to go out two lifelines, companies must have excellent product, good quality, good service can come up international. In addition, the export of inferior products will affect the whole image of Chinese enterprises, Chinese enterprises should adhere to supporting the superior export, support the strong big help.
The success of "going out" the pioneer, not only is the entire LED industry leader, but also the entire industry in brand building, product innovation, international management and social responsibility play a pioneer for more sea seafaring Chinese LED enterprises point out directions.
The vast majority of the global LED manufacturing in China, even the Americas, Europe and emerging market countries, procurement of essential goods and devices in China, especially in Guangdong procurement. From the cost, supply chain capabilities of the product's products, Chinese enterprises and enterprises in Guangdong have more advantages. From the pattern of the national market, China is the country's largest single market, accounting for about 25% -30% of the global market, it is necessary to "go out" to expand the global market, this is the direction of industrial development to find new growth points.
With the sustained and healthy development of China's economy, growing strength of enterprises, more and more Chinese enterprises will participate in the global market competition in the past. We believe that all forces under their own and the joint efforts of Chinese enterprises not only can succeed, "go out", and will be able to go farther and farther, to succeed.



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