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Amazing LED lights can be rolled up and taken away

Remember the rage before the Spring Festival artifact OSTRICH PILLOW ostrich pillow do? Now, the ostrich pillow design studio has brought new works, but not pillow soft folding lamp Kangaroo Light, literally translated as kangaroos lights. This is a kangaroo and ostrich, which are going to join in a zoo?

STUDIO BANANA THiNGS STUDIO is created by a group of enthusiastic young designers, artists, geek and dreamers, and The Innovation Quarter at Bangor University (UK) together in design of The portable flexible folding The Kangaroo Light The lamp, The biggest bright spot is optional folding, roll up with you.

Flexible folding Easy to clean

The Kangaroo Light flexible folding lamp, the first to see the past is a hexagonal table MATS, surface material using high quality white silica gel, waterproof splash, easy to clean. But when you need to take it, it seemed to be soft of aunt wipes, high portability.

Warm white eyes more comfortable

The Kangaroo Light is composed of 24 small hexagonal, each small hexagonal built-in a independent warm white leds, up to 240 lumens. Built-in 1000 mAh lithium batteries, USB charging, full of electricity can last 2.5 hours of uninterrupted lighting.

Interesting interactive multiple lighting model

Built-in accelerometer and a touch of electrodes, according to the different actions of the user to manipulate the Kangaroo Light, turn on the Light, turn off the lights, and change the brightness, for example, can also realize different illumination model, random flash, continuous lighting, etc.

Arduino is compatible with Custom programming

User can open source Arduino electronic prototype platform on the Kangaroo Light flexible folding lamp custom programming, Light want to how to play just how to play.

Design team, said the Kangaroo can be rolled back Light is put in the bag, for the convenience of retrieved objects provide lighting; Can be used for night reading lamp, lights not dazzling, not to bother others rest; Can be used to as a night light, to take care of the children at the same time, let the child more comfortable to sleep, of course it also has more USES, proportion camp lamps, bedside lamp, build emotional appeal of chandeliers.

Purchase considerations

Have intention to buy users should note that only one side of the Kangaroo Light flexible folding lamp glow, mind who take carefully. At present, the Kangaroo Light flexible folding lamp only white this kind of color is optional. Can in the website to buy now spend 99 euros to the Kangaroo Light flexible folding lamp.



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